Will we ever have DFFs as Tax Determining Factors?

We all know the limitations with the tax module, primarily with the limitations that the determining factors give us. Many of us who have worked with eBTax for a while have asked for the ability to have DFFs as determing factors.

But, will we ever have DFFs as Tax Determining Factors?

The answer is probably not. Having spoken with Oracle Product development at this years Oracle Open World, the key issue is that a DFF that maybe linked to a Purchase order line is not going to be available in the AP workbench meaning that the tax engine wont have the same info in AP that it had in PO!

Its a fair comment and I understand the limitations.

 So… Whats the alternative?

At present I am not at liberty to say but Oracle development do have a unique concept that would allow a very similar approach that would get over the issue of DFFs not being available to all modules. So, watch this space for further updates.