Warning – Setting up Tax on Oracle Fusion

Having done quite a bit of set-up on Fusion for tax I am still exasperated as to how bad it is for anyone setting it up. The functionality available, what they have done to bring R12 Tax to the next level, is truly fantastic but getting to that point is crazily frustrating! We developed the eBTax Rapid Install™ tool to allow for a fast implementation. In just 15 minutes we can copy an entire tax set-up for 100 countries from one instance to another. But with Fusion tax, Oracle have introduced the spreadsheet up-loaders! What a joke! Apart form the fact they only cater for the most basic of set ups, (i.e. for a regime upload, its the name, the code and the country, that is it!) there are so many bugs with the loaders that using them actually takes longer than just manually setting up! Because of the missing data that the uploads cannot handle, you have to go back through and edit the conditions and rules anyway. Right now, you can go and edit conditions even if they have been allocated to a rule – something not possible in R12 but it’s essential in Fusion because there are so many bugs. No doubt some idiot will stop you from doing this before they have fixed all the other bugs meaning you will be forever creating new condition sets to replace those that failed in the uploads.

The navigation takes some getting used to. No longer do you have quick menu options as with R12 but you have to manually search for each task – slowing the process down yet further. The search function is really hit and miss. The amount of time I have wasted trying to search for data for nothing to be shown only to later find out that the data is there but the search is not working due to some sort of bug.

So this warning is about making sure you know what you are leading yourself into – be patient, make sure you have a test instance to really get things right because with the uploads you really only get one chance if you want it perfect or you will get duplicates appearing. If you cannot find things don’t despair – its probably just a glitch, keep trying, reset the searches and manually enter the details again as the saved searches are hit and miss.

And keep logging those SRs. Everyone knows that Fusion is as buggy as the Amazon jungle but who better to test it than their customers so the more we register the bugs, the quicker they will be fixed and lets face it, when was the last time Oracle support worked on any enhancements for R12, we know everyone is working on Fusion now.