VAT Number Check

VAT Number Check

Below are  links to help with Tax/VAT number checking for various countries. If you require an automated number check then please contact us

For EU members:


Companies can be checked by SIRET number on these websites. Unfortunately only available in French language:
The second website can be viewed in English and French. Those websites can be helpful for invoices where only SIRET is put.


You can verify ABN number (Australian Business Register):


You can verify CVR (which is VAT number) number:

Instead use the Danish Tax Administration website:;jsessionid=JJ1jRvPJPhG8vFxGgfpv4jvGwQTnkRhyhjMg9ngQLD
For Danish clients: Deloitte VATVAL solution for batch checks re. VAT numbers: 


All companies registered in Switzerland can be found at:


Tax administration:



You can check a company or private person who open a small business on:
Unfortunately only available in Polish language: 


Unfortunately only available in Bulgarian language:,8,rep.Vatquery.home


You can check Slovak VAT payers on the website of Slovak Financial Directorate based on the VAT ID Number:!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLN4g3CgwxDQBJgjiO-pEIsSB9b31fj_zcVP0A_YLciHJHR0VFAHyvHWw!/delta/base64xml/L3dJdyEvd0ZNQUFzQUMvNElVRS82XzBfMlFUNzM!?nID=6_0_2QT5P&cID=6_0_2QT5P
and based on the name of the respective Slovak VAT payer under:!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLN4g3CgwxNwZJgjiO-pEYYkCOWTCyuK9Hfm6qfpC-t36AfkFuaES5o6MiAFbdwEU!/delta/base64xml/L3dJdyEvd0ZNQUFzQUMvNElVRS82XzBfMlFUNzI!?nID=6_0_2QT73&cID=6_0_2QT73
Where IC DPH = VAT ID Number
Nazov = Name of the respective company / individual

If you want to check the Company’s register in Slovakia, use this link:

If you want to check the Slovak VAT payers, please type the name of the company in the field “Nazov” in the following link (hope this works for you):!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLN4g3CgwxNwZJgjiO-pEYYkCOWTCyuK9Hfm6qfpC-t36AfkFuaES5o6MiAFbdwEU!/delta/base64xml/L3dJdyEvd0ZNQUFzQUMvNElVRS82XzBfMlFUNzI!?nID=6_0_2QT73&cID=6_0_2QT73

If you want to check the validity of the specific SK VAT number use the following link:!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLN4g3CgwxNwJJgjiO-pEYYkCOWTCyuK9Hfm6qfpC-t36AfkFuaES5o6MiABqPyGQ!/delta/base64xml/L3dJdyEvd0ZNQUFzQUMvNElVRS82XzBfMlFUNzM!?nID=6_0_2QT72&cID=6_0_2QT72


A suggested way to mass-validate Hungarian VAT numbers!

1. Compile a simple text file that has the first eight digits of the Hungarian VAT numbers you want to validate. (So from HU11157814, it will be 11157814. If it is in national format 11157814-2-20 then cut the last three digits.) The separator is the Enter / end-of-line.

(You may use unlimited number of VAT numbers in theory, however over 5,000 numbers the query will run over 2-3 minutes…)

2. Follow this link:

3. Use the ‘Browse’ button to select your file. Upload by hitting ‘Kiválasztott állomány betöltése’.

4. Your results will appear, you may download a simple text file, by clicking on ‘Nyugta file letöltése’. The text has semicolon ‘;’ as a field separator.


For India can be helpful.

South Africa:

In South Africa you can verify the VAT number on the South African Revenue Service (SARS) eFiling website: 


VAT Number Checker. Unfortunately only available in French language.
Verification of the validity of the identification numbers to VAT in intra-Community operators established in other States members of the European Community:


Here is the Slovene TA`a web page with the list of tax payers registered as such in Slovenia (corporates and private individuals who carry out economic activity as taxable persons. Unfortunately only available in Slovene language:

Here is the list of companies – taxpayers:

But you need to login with a Portuguese Tax Number… there are another sites, but not as secured as this one.


There isn’t an official Tax authority site which it can be checked.
However, this is the link for companies registry number, which mostly is their VAT number. (Enter the name in the right box)
In addition, after you have the registry number, you can check if it is applicable for VAT purpose in the following link:


VAT (USt-ID) Number Check to the German Federal Tax Office:


GST – Malaysian GST number check