Using the Legal Entity to drive your tax?

This is the situation,
One Operating Unit with 2 Legal Entities assigned to it. One Legal entity is in France, the Other is in Spain.

The Operating Unit has the location of France linked to it so when we enter an AP invoice, we use the ‘Bill to’ as the place of supply but this only points to France. If we change the ‘Customer Taxpayer ID’ to be the Spanish Legal Entity then this does nothing to change the ‘Bill-To’ value. So, ignoring the fact we could use the Ship-To, is there any way of using the Legal Entity to drive the place of supply for the Oracle eBTax engine?

How can the ‘Customer Taxpayer ID’ be made to be useful for the Oracle eBTax Engine?

The answer is that for the Party Tax Profile for the Operating Unit, you need to select the ‘Use Subscription of the Legal Entity’


By doing this, the ‘Bill-To’ is now the address of the Legal Entity and not that of the Operating unit Location.