By its very definition, the word ‘consultation’ means “to provide expert or professional advice” and that is exactly what eBiz Answers provides in the areas of ‘Oracle eBusiness Tax’ (eBTax) and ‘Oracle Fusion Tax’.

We provide an unparalleled service when it comes to Oracle Financials eBTax integration, understanding the limits of the eBTax module but more importantly, when those limits are reached, we know how to work around the issue with proven solutions so we can always meet your needs.

We have an international team alliances and partnerships to ensure that we can meet your every requirement when it comes to implementing a global indirect tax solution.

Know your Country


Some say that the European Union is harmonised, but just looking at the country specific localisations required for its member states, it wold be hard to see where the harmonisation comes in! Whether it’s Italy, Spain, Poland or Portugal in the EU or China, Brazil or Russia, there are likely to be some country specific localisation that are a fiscal requirement and therefore legally required. Oracle can usually deal with these localisations but the knowledge to apply them or

implement a work around, is needed to ensure a smooth implementation in those countries.

Because the majority of country localisations are due to local indirect taxation, eBiz Answers has extensive experience in delivering these localisations. Where our own team may not possess the required skill set, we can rely on our partners who are often located in the countries in question.