Specialising exclusively in ORACLE eBusiness Tax, design, analysis, implementation and support services, eBiz Answers can provide complete global business solutions:

Tax is tax and while certain industries may have additional requirements the same tax logic not only applies but is consistent with every entity that falls under the same tax jurisdiction. Unfortunately many solutions are built up from scratch each time, often by a consultant with limited experience both with the Oracle eBTax module and the laws of indirect tax. This in turn limits the solution provided often resulting in a heavy reliance on manual intervention by the end user which hugely increases risk of mistakes and non-compliance.
The laws of indirect taxation and the Oracle Tax module are very complex and as a result, to create a robust and comprehensive solution takes time and an understanding of all the possible determinable results in the form of the correct tax rate charged. Frequently however, the tax rate in itself is often not sufficient with additional reporting requirements needed from certain tax outcomes. Exemptions and exceptions to the tax rules need to be factored in and a complete solution, even if designed physically, will takes days in configuration time.

eTax Advisory Services

The second biggest cause of tax setup issues in your Oracle ERP system (inexperienced consultants being the first) is due to a poor solution design, where the solution architect has not considered or understood the impact of the design and how this integrates with the tax. By bringing eTax Answers onto the project at the earliest stages, we can work with your solution architect to optimize the design around your indirect tax requirements and provide immediate advise on how tax issues that will be created due to specific design requirements can be remedied.

Integrated Tax Solutions

eBiz Answers brings a ‘best practice’ solution, born out of numerous eTax implementations, providing you an immediate working solution so you can start testing. After providing you with the ‘80%’, we will then meet the remaining ‘20%’ that are the requirements specific to your company and your industry. Our design is based on how you want the tax reported and making the solution as automated as possible with minimal, yet simple user intervention. This provides an almost future proof solution which is repeatable, scalable and portable and easy to maintain.


Whilst our solutions rarely need supporting, there are times when either user or system error will cause a problem or a change in legislation demands a change or creation of new rules or rates. eBiz Answers can provide you support on an on-going basis, giving you peace of mind knowing that if there is an issue, we will be there to support you, working with Oracle support if the issue is technical or undertaking the changes to the setup if new legislations demands it.