R12: EBTax for Payables Search Helper

A Search Helper has been created in Payables for those issues arising with E-Business Tax while managing Invoices.

See the below detailed note:
  Note:1524117.1 – R12: E-Business Tax (EBTax) for Payables Search Helper (Guided Resolution)

A Search Helper is a document created to assist you in finding the notes you need to troubleshoot the arising issue.
Instead of having to think of the right search words or search method to use, after answering a few questions, the Search Helper will show you notes that are likely to help resolve your issue.

To get the desired results using the Search Helper troubleshooting notes you must choose a first statement of the task you’re trying to perform. For example “Create an Invoice” or “Validate an Invoice”.
After this first explanation, a second symptom will be requested to provide the specific notes and documents available for the issue you’re facing.

There are three Payables Search Helpers: Invoices, Suppliers and Payments. They all run in the same way to provide the most suitable solutions to your issues.

Here you can find the link to the specific search helpers:
   Note:1345557.1 – R12: Payables Invoices Search Helper (Guided Resolution)
   Note:1410773.1 – R12: Suppliers Search Helper (Guided Resolution)
   Note:1404627.1 – R12: Payables Payments (Funds Disbursement) Search Helper (Guided Resolution)