Global Tax Solution

Using an eBiz Answers Oracle R12 or Fusion Tax Solution could save you $600,000 a year

Recent studies have shown that we can save on average 1 to 5 days a month on indirect tax procedures from invoice entry, tax processing and tax reporting. For a project of 40 countries globally with an average employee cost of $250 a day, the following are the estimated savings per year.

0.5 days saving per month for 40 countries

@ $250 per person per day
= $60,000 a year

1 days savings per month for 40 countries

@ $250 per person per day
= $120,000 a year

5 days savings per month for 40 countries

@$250 per person per day
= $600,000 a year
Even for a 5 country roll out with 2.5 days savings per month the yearly savings would be almost $40,000


The real saving however is the fact that you will no longer get any fines because you will have such a solid tax solution that the tax group can monitor and track every transaction going through, identifying the tax issues immediately as they appear – greatly improving efficiency and eliminating the risk of non-compliance.

Why a solution is key to your success

Time and time again we find that when using eBTax the solution is built from scratch instead of utilising one that is tried and tested. Consultancies will make a fortune from their clients mapping all the processes and trying to develop the solution with them with limited understanding of Oracle but copious knowledge of indirect tax and their own business procedures.It would be like translating a book from English to German literally word for word; the sentence structure in German would not make sense and while you would probably get a rough idea of what is going on you would not have the complete picture: a potentially risky scenario.

We are the translators: we know the tax module inside out, we know the work involved and we know the other modules that use tax and therefore understand the flow of data and where tax will affect the various business processes. We take what the tax department requests and advise them on how Oracle will best handle them. We bring the solution with an 80% fit and then build the 20% to ensure all your needs are met.

The Solution is easy

eBiz Answers have created a third party tax solution without it being a third party product. What this means is that we have taken the complexities associated with setting up a truly global tax solution and the restrictions associated with the time it takes to manually configure tax in Oracle and packaged it so that we can deliver a full global tax solution in a matter of hours.

Our entire configuration utilises standard Oracle functionality. Add to this the enhanced reporting that we have developed – both XML and within OBIEE and support packages to maintain your tax investment – and it looks like the days of Vertex, Taxware or OneSource are numbered!

Whilst we can help you integrate a third party tax provider either as a combination of Oracle for AP and the third party solution for AR or using the third party provider entirely, we can also provide you with a tax solution that is built in Oracle and more tailored to your requirements, hugely reducing costs.


Think of us a third party tax solution provider – without being a third party!


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