eBTax Rapid Install™

eBiz Answers have put together an 8 step plan to rapidly install eBTax. Follow the steps below to learn how to install 30 countries in 4 hours.

Tax Implementation Journey


1. Your Business

Whilst eBiz Answers already has a complete out of the box indirect tax solution, we also need to make sure we understand all your existing and future requirements such as your industry, the type of products you sell, the tax registrations you have.

2. Out of the Box

Tax is Tax! It does not matter how your overall system architecture has been designed, tax is not determined by your company but by the countries that collect the tax. Because of this, we have over time developed a best practice approach for the configuration of the Oracle eBTax module providing an 80% fit right out of the box! This is achieved by running a series of scripts to load in the data – with no code changes.

3. Education

Now that we have installed our best practice indirect tax solution, we need to educate you on how it works! We design the solution based on the reporting requirements. This means we use predetermined rate names and tax logic that is likely to be different to your existing solution. So education means that your users see the benefits of the new system at the beginning and adapting their processes and testing accordingly.

4. Feedback

After you understand how the new indirect tax solution works, you’re in a much better position to tell us what you need the system to do. We have already installed the 80%, now work with us to get the remaining 20% that will meet all your existing and future requirements. This part of the process allows us to understand your business and capture those additional requirements specific to either your industry or your company.

5. Complete the Solution

Now that we understand your needs, we then finish the setup, adding your company’s 20% to the existing 80% already installed. This could be driving the tax from your own project event types or integrating with a third party product. We test so that it seamlessly integrates with the 80% pre-tested solution and work with you to make sure you are confident and comfortable that your indirect tax solution meets both your existing and future needs and more importantly is efficient and compliant.

6. Copy

Once you have your complete solution in place, or indeed at any point you want to move new code, we can copy the tax by extracting the code.

7. Clone

Now we can replicate this solution to your other instances! We can take that fully working tax in your DEV instance and move it to your CRP, TEST, UAT and even to Production all in a couple of hours With no user error! Compare this to 30 days of manual setup.

8. Repeat

Of course we know that new requirements will appear late in the project but this is ok as we can make and test the new requirements and once accepted, we can then move to all your other instances, repeating this process as many times as you need. Not only does this save time but it ensures accuracy and completeness in your solution because you are copying a tested solution rather than relying on manual data entry and the risk of mistakes that this can bring. This process is ideal for upgrades from 11i to R12 where the window for cutover is usually a weekend.