Setting up tax in Oracle R12 or Fusion is primarily about converting the knowledge of the tax regimes you are required to operate in together with the knowledge of both the tax module and the modules that supply the data for the determining factors that determine the tax rate calculated.

That’s something that we at eBiz Answers specialise in and have spent a great deal of time planning, designing and configuring. Once the data is captured, you need to be able to report it and in fact, our solution is designed based around the data needed to be reported. Often those who need to report the data, the tax department, have minimal or no access to the raw data coming in so they need to rely on what they see in the reports not only to submit the various tax returns to authorities but also to feed back information to those entering the transactions to make required corrections.
We have designed the ‘eBTax Rapid Tax installâ„¢ ‘ tool to allow us to rapidly install both the initial configuration needed to have a fully automated tax solution but also to clone any tax solution from instance to instance. Not only does this save a huge amount of time (45 days of configuration down to just 20 minutes) but it means that when doing an upgrade from 11i to R12, you can have a full tax solution configured in your cut over weekend, something previously not possible.
We have also developed a range of reports, both XML and to be used with OBIEE that accurately report the tax data not only for the tax returns that you are required to submit by law but also to perform tax analytics and to identify incorrect tax on entered transactions.