Oracle R12 – US Tax Geography Validations

This post has been put together to demonstrate how you can correctly set-up your ‘Trading Community Architecture’ (TCA) for the United States in Oracle R12.
Step 1.

Navigate to the Trading Community Manager responsibility.
TCA > Administration > Geography Hierarchy

Then, search for ‘United States’ and then click on ‘Manage Validations’.

Oracle R12 - Manage Validations for TCA - Geography Hierarchy

Step 2.

HZ Locations will already be available but won’t have been correctly assigned. Set the values as shown below. HZ_Locations are your suppliers and customers.

Oracle R12 - Correctly Assign HZ_Locations
Step 3.

HR Locations will need to be added as it is not seeded. Set the values as shown below. HR_Locations are your own locations.

Add your own HR Locations
Step 4.

Save these additions and then run the ‘Geographies Name Referencing Program’.

Run Geographies Name Referencing Program
Step 5.

Once complete, run the ‘HZ_LOCATIONS’.

Run HZ-Locations

We have found that the default address types as shown above need to be setup first and then set up the following if these address styles are being used.

Setup default address types

Step 6.

Once complete, re-run the ‘Geographies Name Referencing Program’.