Oracle R12 eBTax Tax Zone Issues


so here is the set up,

Tax Zone Type = Economic Regions
Tax Zone Name = European Economic Community – has all 28 EU countries
Tax Zone Name = French Territories – has all the French Territories in it
Tax Zone Name = UK Tax Jurisdiction – has GB and Isle of Man in it

Tax Zone Type = Country Tax Zones
Tax Zone Name = UK VAT Group – has GB and Isle of Man in it

We then created the usual rules for the UK VAT solution but when ever the supplier was a UK supplier, we were getting an import tax calculated – which has the logic og;
Bill from not equal to the EU. So as the UK exists in the EU, this rule should never have kicked in for a UK supplier but it did!

We tried everything to resolve this but with no luck. Until….

We end dated the UK Tax Jurisdiction tax zone! So simple.

It would appear that you cannot have 2 tax zones with the same values in even if they are not being used which was the case of the UK Tax Jurisdiction Zone!