Oracle R12 eBTax Fusion Tax eBiz Answers Solution

The driving factor in our solutions is that Tax is Tax. It does not matter what business you are or where you are located, you will have to abide by the same rules as everyone else and sure, some companies may have different recovery rates or exemptions but the concept for driving these are the same. What we find, time and time again is that when using eBTax, the solution is built from the ground up each time. Consultancies will make a fortune from their clients mapping all the processes and trying to develop the solution with the client who in most cases has knowledge of indirect tax and their business but no idea on how to convert that to an efficient Oracle eBTax solution as they have minimal knowledge of the module. Think of it like converting a book from English to German word for word, the structure in German would not make sense at all and whilst you would get an idea of what is going on, you won’t have the complete picture. We are the translators, we know the tax module inside out, we know the work around and we also know the other modules that use tax so understand the flow of data and where tax will be affecting the various business processes. We take what the tax department requests and we advise them on how Oracle will best handle these requirements What we do is bring that solution with an 80% fit and then we build the 20% to ensure all your needs are met. Think of us as a 3rd party tax provider but without being a 3rd party!