Oracle Fusion Tax Simulator

Oracle Fusion Tax Simulator

The Fusion Tax Simulator does everything that the R12 simulator should have done and much much mroe. It really is a tool for Oracle to be proud of and a tool that revolutionizes how tax configuration and tax issues can be tested and dealt with. Verifying Tax Configuration before activating your tax!

“The Fusion Tax Simulator is a tool for simulating the tax determination process using your tax setup” So what this means is that  if you have an issue, you can ran the simulations without having to enter transactions. Even better, you can take any real transaction that has already been entered in your production instance and then copy this to the tax simulator! You can then work on the issue in the simulator without having to touch the actual transaction. Once you have resolved the issue, you can then apply this to the one in production!

“The Tax Simulator lets you preview the workings of your tax configuration before you perform tax calculations on transactions in a sub-ledger application.”before you activate the tax, you can run simulations to see if the tax outcomes are what you expect in Payable, receivables and other modules.” Whilst not advised, this means that you can do setups directly to production and use the tax simulator to test them before activating the new setup.

“The Tax Simulator also allows you to test new tax configuration in conjunction with existing tax configuration to preview the resulting tax calculation. The Tax Simulator is a useful tool to identify the root cause when tax calculation or other tax processing is not what is expected on active data” The R12 tax simulator was cumbersome and difficult, if not impossible to use but the fusion tax simulator gives you what the R12 solution should have done. The Fusion Tax simulator is actually enjoyable to work with.

“Run taxes from all applicable tax regimes against a sample transaction to verify that your tax configuration and tax rules were created and applied according to your requirements. You can either create a sample transaction within Tax Simulator or copy an existing transaction. The simulated tax calculations do not affect active data” This  is particularly useful in a production environment – you can in effect run live tests without having to enter any data! You can also grant just the tax simulator responsibility to second line support without giving them access to transactions directly.