Oracle eBTax quick one time US tax solution

Need a quick US Sales and Use tax solution in Oracle but don’t want to pay the large sums for a 3rd party solution?

There are several 3rd party providers out there such as Taxware, Sabrix (One Source), Vertex who provide an indirect tax solution, primarily for the US Sales and Use market but also for other countries. I have never not been able to meet the needs of any of my clients for any GST/VAT based solution and Oracle can easily handle the tax requirements so I would never suggest to my clients that they should use a 3rd party provider for their non-US tax solution. However, when it comes to the US, there is a clear advantage to using a 3rd party provider.


It costs and can cost a lot.

There are 2 parts to any 3rd party solution, the first part is providing the tax rates and data required to create the tax regime to rate and  jurisdictions but also, and maybe most importantly, the geography hierarchy that is used to validate every customer and supplier that is setup. without this geography in place, the chances are that you will have invalid addresses and the tax simply wont calculate.

But what if you’re a client that is using Oracle but only has a handful of customers and their own locations – why spend $10,000 a year just to maintain the rates, the vast majority of which you will never use. But if you don’t get a file, then does that mean you will set up the tax solution manually, potentially incorrectly and without any of the geography hierarchy that can be used to validate your addresses?

Well, we have a solution. We can provide you with a file that you can load in that will;

  • create the tax regime
  • create the tax
  • create the statuses
  • create the rates
  • create the default tax rules
  • create the jurisdictions
  • create the states, counties, cities and zip codes

but why would you want to use us instead of one of the big guys? well, simply because what we can provide you with is a cheap solution that is used once to get you started! If you are an end customer who has a handful of customers in a few locations then we can load all the geography values in that you need to validate your addresses and also either provide the jurisdictions that you are required to have tax in or allow you to create these manually. IT means that you can have a working tax solution immediately but also have created it to allow an easy transition to another 3rd party provider in the future as we have already created all the geography correctly already.

If you are a consultant or consultancy then you can use this tool to quickly setup a tax solution for a client for the CRPs or for a presales solution without having to outlay a big cost up front. Or if the customer has not decided whether to go with Vertex or Taxware, install our product as a temporary fit! currently we are providing this service for $10,000 and once you have the file – you can use it as many times as you like on your client site.

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