Oracle eBTax – How to populate the Tax Date automatically

For some reports for European VAT, the Tax Date of a transaction needs to be populated. This is an unreasonable task to expect users to do as it can only be done manually meaning that for every order that is imported, the transaction would need to be uncompleted and the tax date would have to be manually updated!

Oracle offer a patch for the supported countries to populate the tax date from Orders but this does not work if you do not have the localisations turned on which could be the case if you are a German entity who has a site in Hungary and charges Hungarian VAT when they ship from there. The Operating unit is German and the localisation country would be Germany but the tax in this instance is Hungarian! Another reason why this does not always work is that for any manual transactions, these would also need to be manually updated.

So, how can we automate this?

Very simply!

Create a request that does the following “update jg_zz_vat_trx_details set tax_invoice_date = trx_date where tax_invoice_date is null“. Then create a request set which first has the EMEA VAT SELECTION PROCESS and then your request to update the tax date.

Now there is no need to populate any of the tax dates as these will automatically take the transaction date if the tax date is NULL but is the user does put in a tax date manually, then this will be chosen instead.