Oracle eBTax: How to add Croatia to your EU Tax Zone

The intention of this posting is to show you how to add Croatia to your European Economic Region Tax Zone in Oracle eBusiness Tax R12

Step 1

Navigate to your Tax Zones.
This should be in the Tax Manager Responsibility (or whatever your equivalent is).
Tax Manager–>Advanced Setup Options–>Tax Zone Types

ebusiness tax european union tax zone 

Step 2

You should already have an existing tax zone for Europe setup. Click on the ‘View Existing Zones’ next to the Tax Zone Type of ‘Economic Regions’. If you do not see ‘Economic Regions’ then check the other tax zones you have.
ebtax tax zones etax oracle 

Step 3

Click the update against the ‘European Economic Community’ (or European Union, or whatever else may have been set up)
oracle ebtax etax


Step 4

This screen will show all the EU countries that you currently have  in your Tax Zone. To add an additional one, click the ‘Go’ button as shown below.

Oracle eTax adding country to tax zone

Step 5

Type Croatia in the country name and click go. Then choose Croatia.

Step 6

Make sure you change the start date – we have used 1stJuly 2013 as at the time of writing this was the correct date but if this changes then you can change the date accordingly.
oracel etax tax zone
Change Start Date
Click on Apply
You have successfully Added Croatia to the European Union.