Oracle eBtax for Dummies

I have had a couple of requests for a guide on ebtax to make the setup simple but unfortunately this is not possible. Why? well because it depends so much on what you are trying to do. The tax solution for the US as apposed to the UK is completely different as chalk and cheese and then between the UK and FR again brings many nuances that there is no simple solution or user guide.

At eBiz answers we have developed a best practise solution that we have enhanced over the 7 years we have been doing ebtax and whilst our solution is proven to work and that we can roll it out over and over again to all our clients, its not just the set up that will make your solution work because part of our solution is also linked to the localisations, reporting and integration. So its not a case of being able to get a quick reference guide to shove in a solution but rather a good understanding of the ebtax options available to you and the fiscal requirements that are governing the legal implications behind the tax.

But check the other blogs and hopefully you will get enought information to put your ebtax solutoin together.