Oracle ebtax – Belgium VAT Allocations Report

This blog will help identify the order that you need to run the various steps in order to get the Belgium VAT allocations reports working.

Hopefully if you have got to this stage, you have successfully set up your Belgium indirect tax solution and created the allocations needed for the Belgium VAT reports. If so, you need to run the following requests int he right order to get the Belgium VAT report to work.

First, run the EMEA VAT: Selection Process to populate the JG_ZZ_VAT_TRX_DETAILS table, which is where the majority of your European VAT and localised reports are run from.
If you have not run the Belgium Allocations reports yet then it is best to see if there are any errors, so run the following;

  • EMEA VAT: Allocation Errors Listing and (identifies if you have tax rates that are not assigned to any tax box in the allocations setup)
  • EMEA VAT: Allocation Rules Listing (gives you a list of your allocations setup)

 Once you have run these and there are no errors, then you need to ‘allocate’ the tax boxes to the transaction. To do this run;

  •  EMEA VAT: Allocation Process

Then you can run your Belgium Reports such as the;

  • EMEA VAT: Allocations Listing
  • Belgium VAT Monthly VAT Preparation Report
  • Belgium VAT Purchase Journal

The latest patches for Belgian Localizations can be found in note 1396903.1 
with the user guide can be found here

and Latest Patch recommendations for Belgium here