Mid-Month Go-live – good idea?

What are the tax implications of doing a mid-month go live?

From a Oracle ebusiness tax point of view, you could be heading for a lot of complications for that first months reporting. It’s rare that you won’t have any issues with the migrated data and if done correctly, the migrated data will retain the legacy tax codes but any newly entered transactions will use the new tax rates. So how will this look when you try and run the VAT reports for that month as you are pulling data from different transactions and the old legacy rates are unlikely to be linked to the correct reporting codes that are needed for a lot of the tax reporting. I would always suggest that it is better to run the old VAT reports in the old system and then the new reports in the new system and this way, all the open migrated transactions should have already been processed for the monthly VAT returns leaving the new month and the new eBTax solution to handle the new transactions and the next VAT return. But this won’t be possible with a mid-month solution – or is it? please discuss.