Get ready for the Greece VAT changes

Whatever the outcome of this weekend’s referendum and the ongoing discussions between the Greek government and its creditors, eBiz Answers can make sure your Greece Oracle eBTax solution is compliant, efficient and ready for any upcoming changes to the Greek VAT system.

eBiz Answers already has the Greek solution configured and ready to implement on any new client site within a matter of hours. And with our support contract any new changes are provided as part of this support! So if Greece gets kicked out of the European Union then it won’t cost you anything for the new tax solution!


If Greece goes, does it mean others will follow suit?

Whatever the outcome for the EU or any other country for that matter, eBiz Answers not only provide the best and most cost effective Oracle eBTax solution on the market but we can deliver it in the fastest time thanks to our eBTax Rapid Install™ tool!


For the first time ever for an Oracle offering – the best, the cheapest and the fastest!



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