Fusion Tax – Run Maintain Geography Name Referencing

In R12, this was a nice simple process, a solution that has been refined over the years to a stable and great solution. Fusion on the other hand still has a few teething issues as you would expect with any new release of software.

In R12, when running the same process, you had a drop down list of values so you could choose the table name. No such luck with Fusion tax at the moment (maybe fixed in future release), you need to know the table names and manually type them in, any mistakes and your request will fail.

This is the parameters:

Fusion TaxThat’s it nothing else to help you!

The 2 mandatory fields are ‘Location Table Name’ and ‘Run Type’

For Location Table Name, the following values can be used, although at the time of writing I am not 100% sure if there are more tables or not.




and for the Run Type, use the following



When we find out the other table names or get more information we will update this blog posting.


For an oracle support reference you can go here;

Tax Is Not Defaulting or Calculating On AP Invoices (Doc ID 1503951.1)