Fusion Tax – Rapid Setup Templates

With Fusion Tax, Oracle introduced ‘Rapid Setup Templates’ with the intention to allow the configuration of eBTax to be done quickly. The idea is great and similar to our own eBTax Rapid Install™ product that we created for R12 but unfortunate it is nowhere near as comprehensive. At the time of writing this post, it also is currently full of bugs (June 2015) and a lot of them.

The first problem is that it is impossible to load negative rates in, this is ‘by design’ apparently because instead of using offset taxes, Oracle want you to sue Self Assessed tax, even though the functionality is still there to create offset taxes. The problem in R12 for self assessed taxes is that it was simply not possible to see if any tax had been calculated unless you went to the tax form itself. With Fusion invoice workbench, there is a section that shows the tax determined so its there on the one page – which is a step in the right direction and has now changed my opinion and in future I will be using the self assessed functionality instead of offset taxes.

One major issue right now is the fact that you only have a one time attempt at loading your tax in. The issue is that you cannot load over the top of any taxes that already exist not can you add additional tax rules if the same determining factor has been used. You can get around this by renaming he determining factor used but this is still a bug in oracle. What is also an issue is the minimal amount of data that you can load in because reporting codes, legal messages and other areas are not possible.

The concept is good but there is a long way to go to make this feature a bid winning one.