Emea Vat selection Pre-Process and Selection Process

R12 EMEA VAT Pre-Reporting Process Concurrent Programme

Because we are upgrading, we need to run this request before running the EMEA Vat Selection Process.
This latter programme puts tax data into relevant tax tables so that vat reports can be run for EMEA countries.  The full list of vat reports can be found in chapter 3, 121zxrg.pdf
Issue – not all of our companies are visible in the list of values.

Excerpt from the patch
But the list of values is not complete
R12: EMEA VAT: Pre Reporting Concurrent Process, Input Parameter Ledger Lov Shows No Values [ID 1186393.1]
You need the correct version of the code and to do some steps to populate the LOV
Run EMEA VAT: Selection process for the required Ledger and the Tax
Registration Number. Selection process will error out with the message “Please
run the EMEA VAT: Pre-Reporting Process before running this process for this
reporting entity.” as Pre-Reporting process needs to be run for this VAT
reporting entity.
See the screen shot from GB R12 RICEF

Submit EMEA VAT: Pre Reporting process and Ledger will be available in the LOV.
GB Still not visible in the LOV
Steps i and ii should be repeated for each Ledger+Tax Registration Number.

Now The Ledger should be available in the LOV for all Legal Entities.
Other Metalink Note to Investigate

Troubleshooting EMEA VAT reporting issues in Release 12 [ID 1392535.1]