Adding Real Time Analytics to your Tax Department’s Indirect Tax Toolkit

eBiz Answers have recently added Real Time Tax Analytics to their indirect tax toolkit,  the application has designed specifically with the tax department in mind.   Real Time analytics is a user friendly web application which will inform the tax department of a transaction with a potential tax issue within seconds of it being entered.   This allows the tax department to identify and correct issues at source and empowering the tax department to be involved in the end to end process.

The ever increasing use of technology by Tax Authorities for tax compliance is directly impacting the inner workings of the tax department.     The VAT landscape is changing rapidly across the globe as Tax Authorities introduce technology to crackdown on tax avoidance and ensure corporate tax transparency.    From South American to Europe,  tax authorities are passing regulation to ensure companies provide accounting data in a standardised format, direct from their ERP applications on a monthly basis.  The tax authorities can then check the file, validate the data and ensure compliance.   Poland has introduced electronic filing with SAF-T files from the 1st July to join Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria and Lithuania who are already using the SAF-T filing format.

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Oracle Indirect Tax Toolset for Real Time Compliance

The indirect tax world is changing and with it are the requirements around tax compliance and reporting and the penalties that follow when you get things wrong.

Too many companies rely on reporting after the month end has been closed – often too late to make changes or any changes that can be made are done manually with minimal audit trail.

So how can you get more out of your tax engine to reach total compliance?

eBiz Answers are pleased to introduce their Oracle indirect tax auditor toolset that provides analysis of your data in real time. No longer do you need to wait until after the month end has closed to check the data for issues before the tax returns are submitted, our eBTax Real Time Analytics that is part of our Oracle indirect tax auditor toolset will identify issues within 5 seconds of a transaction being entered.

To arrange a demo of this ground breaking tool, contact us here

Oracle Cloud Tax updated for Release 11

Fusion Tax Release 11 Updates

Below is a high level overview of the new functionality available for the Oracle Cloud tax engine. As you can see, there are quite a few changes.

Estimated Tax on Sales Order now possible.

Create a rule using tax determinant which includes transaction business category = Sales Transaction

Create a UD.

Enhanced Rapid Implementation Spreadsheets:

Data related to tax rules moved from tax config workbook to tax implementation workbook.

The following worksheets are new in the implementation workbook:

  • Tax Exemptions: Create tax exemption configuration for third parties and third-party sites.
  • Party Classifications: Associate party fiscal classifications with the parties.
  • Tax Reporting Codes: Create tax reporting codes and tax reporting types for downstream use in tax reports.
  • Tax Payer Identifiers: Define specific taxpayer identifiers for third parties and third-party sites for purposes of reporting.
  • Product Fiscal Classifications: Create product fiscal classifications for subsequent use in tax rules having a product inventory linked determining factor class.
  • Tax Rules: Define rules that look for a result for a specific tax determination process, such as determining place of supply or tax registration, in relation to a tax on a transaction.

Tax registrations have moved out of party tax profiles task. Now have their own task lists of:

  • Manage Tax Registrations: Use this task to create or edit details related to Tax Registrations, Withholding Tax Registrations, and Taxpayer Identifiers.
  • Manage Tax Exemptions: Use this task to create or edit details related to Tax Exemptions and Withholding Tax Exemptions.

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Bulgarian Oracle User Group – Spring Conference 2016

eBiz Answers are proud to be sponsoring the Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BGOUG) 2016 Spring Conference.

The event will be held at Hotel Rila in Borovets, Bulgaria from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th June. Presented by the Bulgarian Oracle Users Group (BGOUG) this event will feature a number of educational presentations including, Keynote from Julian Dontcheff, Managing Director, Accenture Global Database Lead, Accenture Enkitec Group, Database Consolidation as well as presentations from some of the leading experts in the industry on:

– Database and Server Technology
– Database Administration and Tuning
– Design and Development
– Cross Stream (Cloud Computing, Enterprise Management, Engineered Systems)
– Middleware (Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Content Management)
– Business and Strategy

Join eBiz Answers at the conference

ORACLE eBTax – How to achieve 100% compliance
Friday 3rd June, 11.45am | Hall: Borovets

This event will also be holding a “TestFest” in partnership with Oracle Partner Network and Oracle University. This means during in the event you can take certification exams and take advantage of an exclusive 50% discounts courtesy of Oracle University and Oracle Partner Network.

For more information or to register for the event please visit: Bulgarian Oracle User Group website.

Register for Oracle Tax Management SIG webinars

eBiz Answers are pleased to announce that three members of the eBiz team, Andrew Bohnet, Alastair Doe & Hugo Mireles, will be joining forces with the OAUG – Oracle Tax Management SIG to present a series of webinars to discuss and demonstrate some of the setup issues surrounding Oracle eBTax and Fusion Tax.

Starting at 09.00am (PST) on Monday the 8th of February the Tax Management SIG will host a total of 9 webinars over a two week period, with sessions focusing on examples from a Financials perspective as well as providing technical and functional users with an overview of functions and features.

Webinar Agenda:

Basics of eBTax Setup: Regime to Rate Flow
09.00 -10.00am PST – Monday 8th February 2016
Presented By: Dev Singh, Manager, Tax-Process & Technology at KPMG

Basics of eBTax Setup: Conditions and Rules
09.00 -10.00am PST – Tuesday 9th February 2016
Presented By: Alastair Doe, Senior Principle Consultant R12 eBTax eBiz Answers

Basics of eBTax Setup: The Other Bits – Tax Reporting Codes, Tax Zones, Tax Formulas, Reverse Charge
09.00 -10.00am PST – Wednesday 10th February 2016
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Visit eBiz Answers at UKOUG APPS 15

Join eBiz Answers at APPS15

From Monday 7th until Wednesday 9th December eBiz Answers will be exhibiting at the 2015 UKOUG Applications Conference and Exhibition being held in the ICC Birmingham. Visit us on Stand No.64 where our expert team will be on hand with the latest news from Oracle on e-Business Tax and available to answer any questions on eBTax or Fusion Tax that you may have.

This event is the largest in the UK for Oracle Applications professionals and this year sees over 300 industry experts coming together to share their experiences with Oracle products. The event theme this year is ‘Embrace, Evolve, Explore’ and features a varied and dynamic agenda full of presentations ranging from end-users telling their stories to high level presentations covering the latest Oracle product roadmaps.

Add to your agenda

eBiz Answers will be presenting two sessions at this years APPS15, with Andrew Bohnet explaining how to get the most out of the tax engine in either Oracle R12 or Fusion.

Wednesday 9th December 2015 from 11:20 – 12:10
eBTax & Fusion Tax – Ask the Experts

In this session, join guest expert Andrew Bohnet from eBiz Answers to discuss any eBTax issue and understand how you can optimize Oracle E-Business Tax to help customers overcome their global tax challenges whilst maximizing global tax compliance. Continue Reading

Best of Collaborate 15 – eLearning Series

Your chance to see our Collaborate 15 session

In response to the overwhelming success at Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas this year, eBiz Answers have been selected by the OAUG Education Committee to be part of the Best of Collaborate 15 eLearning Series which runs from the 10th August – Friday 28th August.

The series, delivered via webinar, highlights popular topics, great speakers and the most relevant content to OAUG members who weren’t able to attend the conference, couldn’t make it to the session or just want a refresher. Through this series, they receive the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own office!

The session – eBTax enhanced efficiency and eliminated the risk of non-compliance for this global bank will be presented by Andrew Bohnet, Chair of the Tax Management SIG, live on Wednesday 12th August 2015 at 1:00pm ET.

Registration for the OAUG eLearning Series is unlimited and FREE for employees of OAUG member organisations.

To view the full schedule or to register for one or more of the 40 live webinars from real users and expert consultants visit

To keep up-to-date with session details please follow the OAUG on Twitter @OAUG1.


Warning – Setting up Tax on Oracle Fusion

Having done quite a bit of set-up on Fusion for tax I am still exasperated as to how bad it is for anyone setting it up. The functionality available, what they have done to bring R12 Tax to the next level, is truly fantastic but getting to that point is crazily frustrating! We developed the eBTax Rapid Install™ tool to allow for a fast implementation. In just 15 minutes we can copy an entire tax set-up for 100 countries from one instance to another. But with Fusion tax, Oracle have introduced the spreadsheet up-loaders! What a joke! Apart form the fact they only cater for the most basic of set ups, (i.e. for a regime upload, its the name, the code and the country, that is it!) there are so many bugs with the loaders that using them actually takes longer than just manually setting up! Because of the missing data that the uploads cannot handle, you have to go back through and edit the conditions and rules anyway. Right now, you can go and edit conditions even if they have been allocated to a rule – something not possible in R12 but it’s essential in Fusion because there are so many bugs. No doubt some idiot will stop you from doing this before they have fixed all the other bugs meaning you will be forever creating new condition sets to replace those that failed in the uploads. Continue Reading

eBiz Answers developing Partnerships

eBiz Answers would like to welcome Namos Solutions Ltd to a growing partner list of Oracle specialists.

Namos Solutions Ltd is a leading Oracle partner that uses Oracle software to help businesses to improve processes and performance. Namos excel at providing Oracle implementations, upgrades, services, support and the consultation your business needs to match and exceed the competition in today’s business environment.

Some of the services offered by Namos Solutions include:

• Consulting and Technical Development Services
• Hosting, Platform and Infrastructure Services
• On-Site and Remote Training on Oracle Products
• Project Management, Implementation and Testing Services
• Bespoke Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions

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Join eBiz Answers at Collaborate15

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There is ONE event that delivers the full spectrum of Oracle Applications and Technology education that you need to boost results all year long. Produced by three independent users groups, IOUG, OAUG and Quest, COLLABORATE 15: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community delivers: Continue Reading

Oracle R12 eBTax ‘Query has exceeded 200 rows. Potentially more rows exists, please restrict your query’

What should you do if you receive this error message whilst trying to update look  up codes?

‘Query has exceeded 200 rows. Potentially more rows exists, please restrict your query’


To resolve this you need to update the profile value of

FND: View Object Max Fetch Size to equal 2000

Oracle e-Business Suite R12 and Chinas Golden VAT system

Golden Tax is one of the Golden Projects initiated by the Chinese government to modernize the information technology of China. The Golden Tax project refers to an integrated nationwide value-added tax (VAT) monitoring system. For more information see our previous blog:

China’s VAT and the ‘Golden Tax system’

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Chinas VAT and the Golden Tax System

Chinas VAT and the ‘Golden Tax system’

The indirect tax regime in China, consists of VAT, Business tax (BT) and Consumption tax (CT)


As the most important tax in China, the VAT is a circulation tax levied on the added value at each phase of a product’s typical life cycle. It obtains the deduction phase by phase so that the final tax is equal to the sum of the taxes on each production phase. Continue Reading

eBiz win Gold at UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards

We are pleased to announce that eBiz Answers have won 3 Gold awards at the seventh annual UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and congratulate all other winners at this years ceremony.

eBiz Answers were awarded Gold in the following categories:
– Innovative (Product/Service) Partner of the Year
– Small Business/General Business Partner of the Year
– Independent Partner of the Year

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23 Key Questions on Oracle EBS R12.2.4 Answered but tax aint one!

IT Convergence have put together an interesting posting on the 12.2.4 version of Oracle ERP but this blog is to confirm that there are no real changes to the tax engine. One important factor however is that the ability to use is NULL and is not NULL when creating conditions. Interestingly however, I had to prove to Oracle the need for this functionality in an ER about 4 years ago and it only took 2 months to get this ER through. So whilst this tax functionality is being made standard, it has actually been available for almost 5 years!

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