Oracle R12: Patch 21696441: Unable to validate some of the invoices (upgraded & new

We recently had an email from a client about Patch 21696441 and this is what they said;

“Top tip for you – do not install “Patch 21696441: Unable to validate some of the invoices (upgraded & new)”.  It completely messes up the database, and various tax tables will not compile.  We installed this as part of some AGIS trouble shooting.”

So install with caution and throughly test.

Visit eBiz Answers at UKOUG APPS 15

Join eBiz Answers at APPS15

From Monday 7th until Wednesday 9th December eBiz Answers will be exhibiting at the 2015 UKOUG Applications Conference and Exhibition being held in the ICC Birmingham. Visit us on Stand No.64 where our expert team will be on hand with the latest news from Oracle on e-Business Tax and available to answer any questions on eBTax or Fusion Tax that you may have.

This event is the largest in the UK for Oracle Applications professionals and this year sees over 300 industry experts coming together to share their experiences with Oracle products. The event theme this year is ‘Embrace, Evolve, Explore’ and features a varied and dynamic agenda full of presentations ranging from end-users telling their stories to high level presentations covering the latest Oracle product roadmaps.

Add to your agenda

eBiz Answers will be presenting two sessions at this years APPS15, with Andrew Bohnet explaining how to get the most out of the tax engine in either Oracle R12 or Fusion.

Wednesday 9th December 2015 from 11:20 – 12:10
eBTax & Fusion Tax – Ask the Experts

In this session, join guest expert Andrew Bohnet from eBiz Answers to discuss any eBTax issue and understand how you can optimize Oracle E-Business Tax to help customers overcome their global tax challenges whilst maximizing global tax compliance. Continue Reading

Oracle R12 – SQL to delete unwanted tax rates and tax statuses

How to delete tax rates and statuses from the back end

Here is the thing, you have just set up a country in eBTax, the full regime to rate then realised you need to change the naming convention but have all these rates and statuses in the system. Rates can be deleted but statuses cannot be so whlst there won’t be any logical issues, having old data int eh system is not great from a cosmetic point of view. So, a simple way of clearing out old statuses and rates is to do the following.

Step 1.

End date all the statuses that you no longer need

Step 2.

run the following scripts, putting in the Tax Regime where you have made the changes. Make sure you run them in this order.

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Oracle Fusion Tax: “You must enter a value in the Determining Factor Class 1 attribute” issue with Rapid Setup Spreadsheets

If you get the following issue

“You must enter a value in the Result attribute” then have a look at the data you are loading. If your condition is names “bill form uk, bill to us” then there is an issue. The spreadsheet is a CSV file, so having a comma in the name of the condition causes it to fail! so, if you are using spreadsheet uploads in oracle fusion – don’t use commas!

Oracle Fusion Tax: “You must enter a value in the Result attribute” issue in spreadsheet upload

If you get the following issue

“You must enter a value in the Result attribute” then have a look at the data you are loading. If your condition is names “bill form uk, bill to us” then there is an issue. The spreadsheet is a CSV file, so having a comma in the name of the condition causes it to fail! so, if you are using spreadsheet uploads in oracle fusion – don’t use commas!

eBiz Answers celebrate at UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards

It’s that time of year again and we are pleased to announce that eBiz Answers have for a second consecutive year won awards at the annual UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and congratulate all other winners at this year’s ceremony.

eBiz Answers were awarded Silver in the following categories:
– Innovative (Product/Service) Partner of the Year
– SME Partner of the Year

The awards provide recognition to UKOUG Partners for the contribution that they make by offering their services to Oracle users. This years awards were held at Waldorf Hilton, London on 15th October, 2015 and received 4600 votes from more than 2300 Oracle end-users around the world. Continue Reading

Norway Proposes VAT Increase For 2016

Recently, the Norwegian government has indicated that the lowest rate of VAT is to be increased from 8 to 10% from the 1st of January 2016, the budget has been proposed and confirmed.

Contact eBiz Answers to help you with these changes or if you are one of our clients who have our maintenance contract then expect a call form us shortly to make these changes free of charge for you.

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Kosovo VAT changes

VAT changes in Kosovo

Kosovo has now implemented an increase in its standard VAT rate taking the rate from 16% to 18%, they also introduced a reduced VAT rate of 8% for a number of raw materials and basic products to offset the effect on the less wealthy. These changes are part of current changes being made to all the tax systems in Kosovo, officials from the Ministry of Finance say that the new measures have been put in place in order to support the economy of the country and the citizens.

Romania VAT cut timeline

Romania confirm VAT cut timeline

There has been lots of changes with regards to how much the VAT cut would be for Romania and when the implementation would take place, suggested cuts have switched between 4% and 5% over the last year with debates seen for both cuts. However within the last few weeks the Romanian Government has announced that in 2016 the VAT rate will drop by 4% to 20% and then in 2017 it will fall a further 1% to 19%. The parties agreed on this after concerns were raised over the viability of such a big VAT cut, and it was felt best to lower it in stages after the IMF was opposed to a one stage 5% cut.

See all previous eBiz Answers posts:

Romanias potential new reduced VAT rate and the success of the foos VAT rate drops.

Romanias confirms 5% VAT rate cut

Romania to cut VAT on food to 9%

UAE in talks to introduce VAT

UAE in talks to introduce VAT

Recently the federal Government of the UAE has announced the planned introduction of a federal value-added tax (VAT). The Ministry of Finance (MoF) confirmed that it has been conducting studies into the implementation of a VAT draft along with the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The draft law is still pending and under negotiation due to the absence of a final agreement between GCC countries on the tax rate and a list of tax exemptions, but a draft bill could be on the cards very soon. Once a draft has been created an announcement will be made immediately and the country will be given 18months grace period after the implementation to implement the VAT, if it were to go ahead. The VAT is expected to be implemented at a low rate of around 5%.

Oracle R12 eBTax – EMEA VAT SELECTION PROCESS Finally faster!

This blog should affect every single entity using Oracle in the EU but as we usually find, the majority of tax configuration for Oracle R12 has been badly done by the various integration partners and the EU reporting functionality completely missed and nowhere to be seen! Oracle have provided an excellent solution with the European Tax Reporting Ledger but it is often completely missed. But for those of you who have set your solution up correctly, you will often be frustrated by how long the EMEA VAT: Selection Process takes to run and for some large companies we have done work for, the times can be more than 24 hours! Something completely unacceptable for busy tax departments.

But fear not, Oracle now have a fix.


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Israel to cut VAT

Possible VAT cut in Israel

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has recently announced plans to reduce the current rate of VAT from 18% to 17% to help promote economic growth, following a higher than expected tax collection in recent months. Speaking earlier this month, Prime Minister Netanyahu is quoted as saying  “An economy burdened by high taxes doesn’t grow, so in order to encourage growth I have decided, with Finance Minister Kahlon, to cut taxes.” Continue Reading