Adding Real Time Analytics to your Tax Department’s Indirect Tax Toolkit

eBiz Answers have recently added Real Time Tax Analytics to their indirect tax toolkit,  the application has designed specifically with the tax department in mind.   Real Time analytics is a user friendly web application which will inform the tax department of a transaction with a potential tax issue within seconds of it being entered.   This allows the tax department to identify and correct issues at source and empowering the tax department to be involved in the end to end process.

The ever increasing use of technology by Tax Authorities for tax compliance is directly impacting the inner workings of the tax department.     The VAT landscape is changing rapidly across the globe as Tax Authorities introduce technology to crackdown on tax avoidance and ensure corporate tax transparency.    From South American to Europe,  tax authorities are passing regulation to ensure companies provide accounting data in a standardised format, direct from their ERP applications on a monthly basis.  The tax authorities can then check the file, validate the data and ensure compliance.   Poland has introduced electronic filing with SAF-T files from the 1st July to join Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria and Lithuania who are already using the SAF-T filing format.

Too many companies are still reliant on manual processes to run the VAT report at month or quarter end and export to excel to verify VAT issues.    The filing of the SAF-T file is required on a monthly basis even if the company has a quarterly VAT return.    The tax department will need to ensure that VAT calculation us correct at transaction time or any issues identified at source.   They will needs an indirect tax toolkit to have robust tax determination methods and the ability to identify tax issues as soon as the transaction is entered.

At eBiz Answers we are meeting the requirements of the modern tax department by providing the required indirect tax toolkit.  We recently won a European Tax Award for our preconfigured tax determination model using the Oracle Tax engine.  Our clients have been able to drastically reduce VAT issues and achieve significant cost savings across back office departments.    Now we are including the Real Time Tax Analytics are part of our full indirect tax package so that tax departments can have an end to end indirect tax solution with their Oracle applications.