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Oracle eBTax: Warning – your PO Line Type

From a tax perspective, the line type is critical yet in the majority of cases is overlooked and issues arise. Why?

The line type allows you to either have Quatity or an Amount based but often it is set as Goods by amount or Service by Quantity. The issue is that anything that is Amount based will always have a product type of SERVICE and anything with Quantity based will always have a Product Type of GOODS. This will severely affect your tax determination and compliance if you are not careful.

How to get around the ‘Unable to retrieve content. Additional Information for Remote Region error #6’

During Fusion tax setups, if you come across this error ‘Unable to retrieve content. Additional Information for Remote Region error #6’ when searching for tax rules then the following video should help you out.


Oracle R12: Country localization requirements for Tax

This blog posting is to put together all the localisations that are required to complete eBTax setups for certain countries and the areas to look out for. Please post your comments so we can get this completed.


This is a work in progress document.

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R12:How to modify/override Recovery Rate in Invoice Workbench (Doc ID 1588011.1)

We recently tried to apply the process to allow for ad-hoc changes to recovery rates and recovery percentages after the recovery tax had been determined. The Oracle note is ‘R12:How to modify/override Recovery Rate in Invoice Workbench (Doc ID 1588011.1)’ and its almost comical in its approach, click here, do that, count to 10, spin around ten times, touch your toes and then click here again. Ok so its not quite as bad as that but not far off.

We have a client who enters invoices for Danish car leasing which usually commands a 50% recovery rate but instead of outlining the exact amount of recovery tax by line, the supplier have an annoying habit of just saying heres the total VAT and here is your recovery tax without linking the two. We desperately wanted to use the ability to change the amount of recovery tax and whilst we were able to change the recovery tax, the percentage was not possible.

The point of this article however is not a ‘how to’ guide but instead to let you know to approach with caution the Oracle note 1588011.1 and in our opinion use a workaround instead where you split the line amount to accommodate this requirement.