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‘Blueprint for Reform of VAT Rates in Europe – by Rita de la Feria’

Blueprint for Reform of VAT Rates in Europe

Aug 29 2014 (This is an extract from an article to be published soon on the intertax.

About the Author: Rita de la Feria is currently the Professor of Tax Law, Durham University, Programme Director, Oxford University CBT and Legal adviser and commentator. More information and other articles posted by Rita  can be found here

One more article finished, soon to be published in the Intertax. This time the topic is VAT policy, and my recommendations included therein are heavily influenced by my experience working with the Portuguese Government after the troika bail-out (2011-2012). Here is the abstract: Continue Reading

Oracle R12 eBTax – Patch to drive Place of Supply rule from POO (Point of Origin) or POA (Point of Acceptance)

Oracle eBTax POS rules Options

Place of Supply (POS) options for Tax Rules

Finally, Oracle have released a patch that allows the place of supply to be driven from the point of origin (POO) or the point of acceptance.

Previously only the ‘ship from’, the ‘ship to’, ‘bill from’ or ‘bill to’ even thought he POA and POO were options, they simply did not do anything.

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Emea Vat selection Pre-Process and Selection Process

R12 EMEA VAT Pre-Reporting Process Concurrent Programme

Because we are upgrading, we need to run this request before running the EMEA Vat Selection Process.
This latter programme puts tax data into relevant tax tables so that vat reports can be run for EMEA countries.  The full list of vat reports can be found in chapter 3, 121zxrg.pdf
Issue – not all of our companies are visible in the list of values.

Excerpt from the patch
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Ghana VAT rate increase Jan-2014

Ghana VAT rate increase
Ghana increased their VAT rate in January 2014, the standard rate which was 12.5%, moved to 15%, while the National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL) remains at 2.5%. This brings the total VAT on most goods to 17.5%. This was implemented as the government felt that the existing taxes government were collecting was nowhere near what they need as a country to build infrastructure and the economy. Continue Reading

Oracle R12 – ‘Low-Level Diagnostics Logging is turned on’ – how to turn off

If you get the following message when logging on to the Tax Manager Responsibility;
“Low-level Diagnostic Logging is turned on. This may temporarily reduce performance”


Oracle R12 Tax Manager Responsibility FND Diagnostics

Oracle R12 Tax Manager Responsibility FND Diagnostics

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Oracle R12 – APPS-SQL-10000: ORA-01400: Cannot insert NULL into


I am facing a strange error that seem to have inter-connections between PO/AP and ETax, and I thought I ask if you might have come across this before??

 The scenario is as follows:
          Standard PO is created in OU = France for a Supplier based in the UK (EXPECTED TAX = OFFSET VAT) 
            Enter Invoice in AP by Matching invoice to PO an Invoice Line is created
          The following Error message is displayed when pressing the Calculate Tax button
Cannot insert Null into Oracle R12 Tax 
If a PO is entered for a Supplier based in the same country than the OU (France in this case), then the PO Match works perfectly, including Tax calculation, and there is no error message.
Similarly, if an invoice is entered against the UK based Supplier without matching to a PO, then the Tax calculation works perfectly, without error message.
Any hint or idea would be greatly appreciated

Solution provided:

 I have come across this issue before. First I would be advising that you turn tax off on the POs, there is no need to have it if you recover 100% VAT and it does cause issues like the one you are seeing.

One of the causes could be that in PO, it cannot calculate offset taxes, only the positive VAT part. So the tax on the PO will be wrong anyway, it will be say FR VAT EU AP GOODS 20% and won’t have the FR OFF EU AP GOODS 20%. If you are forcing the tax rate in from the PO, then it could be causing the issue as AP would want the Offset tax.

Change the settings below to remove the ‘enforce’ options and this should fix your issue.