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Oracle eBTax, removing the need for a separate tax rate to allow for inclusive tax

I had a discussion with a senior Oracle developer at openworld where they saying about changing the way the tax logic worked for the inclusive tax so that rather than having to create a separate tax rate that is set as inclusive, you would just use a tick box on the invoice. His reasoning was that the tax rate should not need to be duplicated just to be able to change the ‘standing’ of the rate. You really cannot have it as a manual tick box in the tax details as this would slow down users especially when rules are often needed to drive whether the tax is inclusive or not. However, I think from the design of the tax solution, I think removing the need to set the tax rate as inclusive or not is an excellent step forward but I think you need to go further.

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oracle apps13 ebtax upgrade presentation

I am pleased to announce that I will now be presenting at this years APPS13 for the UKOUG on Tuesday 15th October at 2.40pm

Fully Automating eBTax when upgrading from 11i to R12 with New E-Business Tax Rules

OAUG Tax Management SIG Presents: Simplified Configuration Templates for Fusion Tax

OAUG Tax Management SIG Presents: Simplified Configuration Templates for Fusion Tax

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Oracle eBTax – reasons not to use Tax on GL Journals

Any transaction that has VAT or Tax on it should be going through the sub ledgers, such as AP and AR and not directly entered into the GL as a journal.

Below is a list of points that should be considered highlighting the issues that may be faced if the choice is to  still use journals to capture VAT.

  • Not possible to determine if it is a sale or purchase (credit) so cannot be used easily for any allocations or VAT returns
  • There are no determining factors on a journal for the tax engine to work so the tax is 100% manual
  • Tax has to be entered and calculated in a certain way or risk accidental posting to a VAT account but not reporting it causing reconciliation issues
  • Not linked to any recovery rates so all AP accounts have to be manually overwritten
  • No Security so can choose a tax rate from a regime that is not linked to the LE/OU and so whilst calculated would not be reported
  • importing journals from ADI can be difficult if the tax is required

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Recorded OAUG eBTax User Community Webinars, September 2013

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Oracle R12 eBTax Italy rate rise to 22%

Italy VAT rise to 22% on 1 Oct 2013

The planned rate rise that had been put off has now gone ahead and is in effect as of today, 1st October 2013. So please ensure you have updated your tax rates in Oracle R12 and Fusion tax, dont forget to also change your offse tax amounts!


The reduced VAT rates of 10% and 4% will not change.

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